Sunscreen Organic

Is your sunscreen organic?  Summer is fast approaching and sunscreen organicprotecting your skin from the harmful UV rays is important.  There are so many brands of sun protection on the market, how do you know what works and what doesn’t?

There are a few guidelines when using any sunscreen:

  • Apply at least 20 minutes before sun exposure.
  • Reapply every two hours whether you get wet or not.
  • Use an SPF 20 or higher.

Next is the ingredients. Some sunscreen ingredients release free radicals that are skin damaging, some mess with your hormone levels, many are strongly linked to allergic reactions while others build up in the body and/or the environment.

There are some good effective products that protect your skin and are not harmful.  Environmental Working Group has tested many products and has a very valuable list of the best sun protection products to buy

Education is key to learning how these chemicals affect your health.  Choose sunscreen organic whenever you can.  Reading labels is the best way to look for harmful chemicals and choose healthier products.

About Julie Berquist

As a breast cancer survivor, I am passionate about educating others on chemicals in skin care. I created a website to offer chemical free skin care products for a healthier lifestyle.
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